Student Achievement!

I’m so proud of my student Martine Fuller! She has been studying Level 4 Merishia Massage with me over the last year and it has been a great journey for her.

Last week she had a huge breakthrough with one of the horses she has been using as a case study.

This little guy was very head shy when she visited him at the end of January. This made it difficult for her to assess and treat the region around his poll and ears as he didn’t want her to touch him – he was throwing his head and snorting at her!

Following submission of her case study, Martine and I discussed a couple of techniques she could try to gain his trust so that he would allow her to touch him here. This was a really important step as he had some tension and soreness in this area (probably why he didn’t want to be touched) that would really benefit from the new techniques that Martine had learnt at her last practical session.

Martine has been a very conscientious student throughout the course and took these comments on board. I was so pleased to receive a message from her, containing this video of her being able to touch his head, ears and poll. I love how soft his eyes are! Well done Martine, what a fantastic outcome!

Video shared with permission from Martine Fuller.

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