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Privacy Policy

In order for North Downs Animal Therapy to provide a thorough service for you and your animal(s), some personal data will need to be collected.  This notice is designed to help you understand what kind of personal information is collected with regard to these services, what it is used for and how it is stored.  Personal data that may required in these circumstances are your name, address and contact details.  This will be collected either verbally or electronically via email or other forms of messaging. Your personal data is required to identify the animal to be treated to the Veterinary Surgeon and also needed to keep detailed records about your animal as required by my insurance company, Balens. This data will only be shared with your animal’s Veterinary Practice to obtain consent for treatment as is legally required and may be used to identify your animal on post treatment reports as requested by the vet or your insurance company, if you are making a claim. Any personal data will be kept in a locked room or on a password protected computer.  All data will be retained for 7 years as required by my insurance policy with Balens.  I will take all appropriate technical and organisational steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of your data.


Beatrice is a member of the McTimoney Animal Association.  This is the professional association for McTimoney Animal Practitioners who have completed the level 7 course at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and they are responsible for setting professional standards and maintaining our code of ethics.

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Beatrice is registered with RAMP. This is the Register of Animal Musculoskeltal Practitioners.  Although a relatively new body, RAMP have been working closely with Veterinary groups and Musculoskeletal groups to endorse a code of best practice and ensure that registered practitioners follow a strict code of conduct and work within their scope of practice; ensuring that vets and owners alike can have the reassurance they need to work with and refer to registered practitioners.

Beatrice works within the guidance of the Veterinary Act.  This legislation refers to the treatment of animals with physiotherapy (physiotherapy in this instance covers all manipulative therapies including physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic).  The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 2015 states that anyone treating an animal with physiotherapy must do so under the direction of a qualified person (registered veterinarian) who has examined the animal and has prescribed treatment of the animal by physiotherapy.  For this reason, we will always contact your vet prior to any new treatment (this is for new clients and new conditions).  Most vets are happy to authorise treatments directly with your practitioner by email or phone, however in some cases it may be necessary for your vet to visit your animal prior to a treatment from North Downs Animal Therapy – usually only if there has been a recent injury resulting in lameness or if they have not seen your animal before.  North Downs Animal Therapy will always provide a written report for your vet if they request it.