Laser Therapy


Laser therapy, or photobiomodulation, is the use of red and near infrared light to elicit therapeutic changes within the body at a cellular level.  Laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment that can be applied for a range of therapeutic uses.  Light photons are absorbed into the body at different wavelengths, affecting different cellular mechanisms for healing.  Circulation is increased, which helps to reduce inflammation, speed up nutrient and oxygen delivery and reduce pain.  This light energy can also have effects on the mitochondria, increasing energy production within the cells.  All of these reactions to laser therapy are important factors in speeding up the healing process.  Whilst reducing healing times, tissue repair is also accelerated through enhanced remodelling and damaged nerve cell regeneration.  Laser therapy can also be used to reduce muscle spasms and joint stiffness.

North Downs Animal Therapy use the K-Laser Cube 4.  This laser works using all 4 of the known beneficial wavelengths and is a class IV therapeutic laser, meaning that it works at a higher power than other lasers used in practice – this provides deeper tissue stimulation and shorter treatment times.  For example, the treatment time for a horse’s stifle is just 3 minutes!

Laser Therapy Can Offer Drug Free Treatment For:

  • Accelerated wound healing (following injury or surgery)
  • Pain relief from osteoarthritis – also hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia
  • Pain and inflammation relief from kissing spines and sacroiliac disease
  • Post operative support including but not limited to TTP, TPLO, neutering, spinal surgery, dental surgery
  • Fractures
  • Tendon and ligament sprains and strains
  • Acute pain; including disc pain, burns, pacreatitis
  • Other conditions including: gingivitis, otitis, lick granuloma to name just a few!


Nicki’s testimonial following Candy’s first laser treatment.  Candy has a history of hind limb stiffness associated with arthritis in his hocks.  He also suffered a check ligament injury last year.  He had both hocks and both forelimbs treated.  Total treatment time <20 minutes.  “He felt good – a lot more power from behind from the start and was even more forward.  Improvement was obvious from the moment I got on. He tracked up right from the start, no signs of stiffness at all.”  You can see from this image how relaxed Candy was throughout his treatment!