Payments Update

Exciting news!! I can now take card payments!!

My New Card Reader!

A little reminder – ALL payments for treatments are due AT THE TIME of treatment!! In the past I have perhaps been a little too relaxed about late payments for treatments (I went into this Christmas holidays being owed over £350!); however, with both of us being self employed now I cannot continue this way. I DO NOT offer a credit service!  Preferred payment method is by bank transfer on the day of treatment. I am also happy to take cash. As of today (10th January 2022) I can now also take card payments 🥳 **please note there will be a £1 charge on all card payments**

A little warning – late payments are no longer acceptable. Payments not made on the day of treatment will be followed up with an invoice and payment link to remind you to pay. These late payments will now incur a £1.50 fee I’m afraid, to cover my admin time chasing up and fees charged by the invoicing process.

I will be reminding everyone at the time of booking about these new payment options and conditions. I will be so grateful if everyone could endeavour to pay on time – to save me hassle and you fees 😊