Wound Healing with K-Laser

I have to share these photos – I’ve been waiting for a good visual case study to demonstrate how well the laser works for wound healing.

Billy had a small argument with a fence and injured the front of his hock. Wounds in this region are notoriously awkward to heal as they reopen and close with each articulation of the joint.

When I first came out to this injury it was already 2 weeks old and was being bandaged, with bandages being changed every 2 – 3 days. This was quite handy as we could laser each time the bandage was due for a change.

Before laser/session 1- 23/09/19

A fairly big wound right on the bendy bit!!

Second session – 23/09/19

Already smaller in size with some good healing around the edges.

Third session – 25/09/19

We were surprised at how quickly the wound size was decreasing, with lovely healthy skin growing in from the edges.

Fourth session – 27/09/19

The bandage had now come off completely and without the daily compression the joint and lower leg had swelled a fair bit. However the wound itself still showed good progress with the edges really closing in. At this stage we were a little worries about it forming proud flesh but luckily he was also under the watchful eye of the vets at Milbourn Equine who were recieving daily photos! The wait and watch approach worked nicely and no additional intervention was required.

Fifth session – 04/10/19

No proud flesh here folks!! And the swelling going down nicely.

Sixth session – 29/10/19


I revisited Billy just last week for a McTimoney session and I cannot believe how this now looks – no swelling, no scarring, just a lovely ginger leg:

Does your horse/dog have a wound you want help with healing? Contact me today to book in for some laser therapy!

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