Corona Virus – the bug, my business and your appointment

First update 17/03/20

In light of the most recent government announcements, made yesterday (Monday 16th March) I feel it’s time to release some sort of statement regarding how I will be working.

The Bug – I’m sure you are all aware of the Covid-19/Corona Virus bug that has been in the news lately. I’m not going to do a big sciencey bit – there is lots of information out there. My advice is to gather your information from trusted sources – I am using NHS and PHE mostly. The important part is that this bug is affecting the upper respiratory tract, causing fever and a cough. Our best defence seems to be frequent and effective hand washing and social distancing if we have symptoms or have come into contact with someone who has it.

Last night the government have put added restrictions on social contact and movement which is why I am writing this post. Matt Hancock has also advised that for those not able to work from home, normal work should continue.

My Business – I expect this outbreak to have an impact on my business over the coming months. I’m sure you can appreciate that I hope this impact will be minimal. As it stands, I will continue to work as long as I and no one in my family are showing symptoms of the bug and I have no other reason to self isolate. During these uncertain times I please ask that payments are made promptly. If you are paying by bank transfer please ensure payment is within 7 days of treatment at the very latest.

Your Appointment – I will be contacting clients on a daily basis, the day before their scheduled appointment to confirm my health status, your health status and our joint consent for treatment to go ahead. Please can I ask all clients to exercise caution and honesty. I would rather reschedule your session than risk spreading an infection. By the nature of my job I travel around A LOT and see a lot of different people – some in the vulnerable groups. I have also purchased equipment that will allow me to carry out hand washing on the move – available from next week, so I can reassure everyone that regardless of location I am able to wash hands before and after every client.

I would like to thank all my clients for their support and understanding during these uncertain times.

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