A New Arrival!

Not necessarily work related, but following on from my post in the summer, saying goodbye to our old dog Jinny, I thought it only right to introduce our new puppy!

We picked up our new puppy on Saturday. She’s a 9 weeks old black lab named Bex. She’s settling in very well – you couldn’t ask for a better puppy during the day! She plays with the kids, she’s very quiet and thoughtful and enjoys all the toys we’ve bought her – especially the chicken foot that is almost as big as her head!

Night times are a bit of a different story – we are only 2 nights in but I think she may be nocturnal!! If only she could replicate her day time sleepiness at night!

So, apologies now for the puppy spam that I’m probably going to be sharing over the next few months! My new mascot has arrived 🤣

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