Beautiful Brodie – 1 year on

I first met Brodie almost exactly a year ago. Lesley was recommended to bring her to me by her hydrotherapist. In March 2012, Brodie suffered a ruptured disc, which caused paralysis in her right hind. 3 years later she had a further injury which caused weakness in her left hind. Up to this point Brodie had been treated and managed using hydrotherapy and tramadol.

Following a course of treatment, Brodie started to build some strength. I think one of our most exciting moments in her journey was when she could swim in both directions for the first time!!

We are never going to be able to make Brodie ‘better’. The aim of treatments is to keep her comfortable and strong enough to manage day to day.

So, 1 year on – Brodie is able to walk without staggering, dragging her toes or knuckling over. She can push herself up from laying or sitting and can step over door thresholds without banging her feet. She is a happy dog who always comes out to greet me at the gate with a toy. We now have her on a maintenance programme of full McTimoney treatment and back/hind limb laser once every 6 weeks.

Brodie is such a lovely girl, I feel very honoured to be part of her journey 🙂

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