Student Assessments

Another cohort of Merishia Massage students finished their practical training this week and all successfully passed their assessed massage session!

The dogs were all super chilled after their massages and Pixie (who is normally shaking like a leaf) found a new friend in Amanda, who wanted to take her home!

I have to extend massive thanks to Avril for letting us use her horses again! These horses aren’t the most straight forward, with some having previous emotional/physical traumas but the students all worked really well to create a calm and relaxed barn by the end of the day!

Amanda found another friend in Woody ❤️

I have another set of practical dates starting in April 2020. If you’re interested in training to become a Merishia Animal Massage practitioner, please contact Jo Rose through the website. This course is a level 4 diploma and gives you everything you need to become a fully qualified massage therapist.

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