Lockdown Part 3

***Please scroll to the bottom of this post for updated payment and billing information***

So, who else is fed up of lockdown?!?! I know I certainly am and I am looking forward to spring days and things starting to look a little more normal. We are not quite there yet but it feels like it’s getting close!

I want to thank everyone for their patience whilst my work has been limited over the last couple of months. I am tentatively starting to look at rebooking those of you who had your January appointments postponed. Nothing will be booked until after the 22nd and I will contact people in the order they were booked in January.

I have updated the way I will be invoicing clients from now on. Everyone will now be issued with an electronic invoice at the time of their appointment. Anyone wishing to pay by bank transfer is reminded that payment is due on the day of treatment – I do not offer a credit service for my treatments. Unfortunately I have really struggled recently, having to wait over 14 weeks for some payments!! As a small business I do not have the capacity to accommodate late payments – if I don’t get paid for my work, I can’t pay my bills!! Each invoice will have payment terms printed on the bottom – please note I will send a reminder if a payment is 7 days late, however this will incur an additional charge of £5 – chasing payments takes up valuable time that I could be spending with my family! Please make every effort to pay on time 🥰 and if you don’t have sufficient funds to pay for treatments please inform me before I attend!

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