Another Corona Virus Update -IMPORTANT

So, we are on day 7 of self isolation here.  The good news is that we are coping pretty well – the kids are willingly doing (some) school work, the boys cough is getting better (and hasn’t got any worse!), the husband is managing to successfully work from home and the dogs are utterly baffled as to why we are all at home so much.

***Here’s the important bit***


I’m writing this update as today I am making a tough decision regarding my business… Yesterday the BVA (British Veterinary Association) hosted a webinar to provide best practice information to veterinary practices.  The clear message from this webinar is that all non-emergency/routine treatments should be restricted and contact with clients should be limited.

Whilst there is no official guidance for paraprofessionals (therapists like me) as yet, my treatments can not be regarded as emergency care and will always fall into the ‘routine’ bracket.  I feel that the most responsible thing for me to do at this time is to cease all treatments in line with this latest veterinary advice.  As always, my advice regarding emergency situations for your animals remains the same – please seek immediate veterinary advice if you feel your animal requires emergency attention/treatment.

The situation is moving very quickly and advice is changing daily.  I am trying my best to wade through the information and take decisions based on the most up to date guidance.  I will be available via phone or email for anyone needing remote advice for their animals and will help in any way that I can.  I want to thank everyone for their understanding at this time.  I will be in touch with everyone as soon as I’m back up and running 🙂

This is not an easy decision to make, as being self employed with no work will certainly be difficult, but at this moment in time I feel it is the most responsible decision for the safety of myself, my family, my clients and the wider community.


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