Successful Students

Last week was a super busy week with both my canine and equine level 4 massage students attending for their assessed practical days.

Everyone has worked so hard over the last 7 months to build their practical skills in Merishia massage. Teaching can be so rewarding as you get to see people develop and succeed both professionally and personally.

We had some new dogs in the group this session but they fitted in really well and they all enjoyed their massages. This canine group also seem to have cracked Jinny who allowed lots of different massage strokes all over her body. I think Katy felt she had drawn the short straw when I told her Jin was going to be her assessment dog, however she worked wonders on her and Jin actually allowed her to do limb stretches (as shown above) that she normally would not tolerate 😊

I think it’s fair to say that the dogs were in a very relaxed state by the end of the afternoon !!

The equine students had the added stress of having to battle some pretty hairy road conditions to reach the yard for their assessment day… Snow and ice is not fun!

But, they did not let this put them off and also had some wonderful experiences with the horses at Avril’s yard (My Safe Cobs Natural Horsemanship). As Avril takes on horses for schooling and training, some of them come with physical and emotional traumas. This makes them interesting case studies to work on but can also pose challenges for students and really tests their confidence and skills.

This is Woody. When I first tried to treat him he had so much fear that he would shake and leap away from me with just the lightest contact. But look how relaxed he is during his massage with Lorraine!! This is a huge break through for Woody and I am very proud of both him and Lorraine 😊

Brandy decided to have a little lie down before his massage had even begun πŸ˜‚ but when we finally go him up he really got into his massage with Ann.

Posie and Banner also really enjoyed their massages. By the end of the afternoon you could feel the zen in the barn as all the horses relaxed in their stables.

So with 5 more case studies to complete I am confident that it won’t be long before this group of students are fully qualified Merishia Massage therapists.

*** If you are interested in becoming an animal massage practitioner, I still have spaces on my next course, starting in May. Please contact Jo at Rose Therapies to get more details and enrol***

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