Limited Spaces for New Clients

***I have a limited number of spaces for new clients in November***

🐎🐎McTimoney Animal Chiropractic and Equine/Canine Massage🐕🐕

***Now also offering laser therapy using K-Laser class IV therapeutic laser (as used by Supervet and NHS 😊)***

Drug free accelerated healing, pain relief and treatment for a number of conditions including (but not limited to):

🐎Arthritis🐕Acute and Chronic Wounds🐎Fractures🐕Chronic Pain and Lameness🐎Post Surgery Rehab🐕Hip & Elbow Dysplasia🐕Cruciate Disease🐕Sprains/Strains🐎Laminitis🐎Kissing Spines🐎Dental Extractions🐕

Also for 🐈🐂🐇🐁🐑🐖🐒

Appointments can be requested directly via the website.

3 thoughts on “Limited Spaces for New Clients

  1. Hello. Goodness I have been trying to find a mc timoney chiropractor for my horse since moving back to Kent….he was seen by one in York on a regular base to help his back and keep pelvis etc straight. Would love for you to have space to fit him in . He is very well have and never a bother. 😀 he has mild kissing spine which we manage very well and does not cause a problem on a daily basis so he still competes and does a bit of everything. 16.3 Irish sports horse


    • Hi Fiona, I got your appointment request email and have sent you two emails back. I wonder if you haven’t received them? Sometimes my emails end up in spam. Please do let me know if you would still like to book – my mobile is 07947279396 if you wanted to call me or if email isn’t working x


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