Puppy Press Ups

So, I’ve been attending and studying for a course since November last year. Upon completion I will be a licenced canine conditioning instructor. This means I will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to not only provide prescriptive exercises for rehabilitation but also run classes, both individual and group, for people who want to improve the general well being of their dog.

The canine conditioning academy aims to build core strength for dogs – think Pilates/yoga for dogs. Many dogs, due to the way we train and keep them, do not have great core strength or stability and these courses aim to improve this. By developing a strong core, dogs will be stronger in their day to day activities, perform better at competitions and be less prone to injury – winner!

As part of the course, I have had to carry out case studies, both on my own dogs and with clients dogs. I cannot even begin to tell you how well Juice has come on since starting the course. He has now completed both foundation and intermediate training and his overall strength and muscle development has really improved. Once I have completed the course I will do a post showing how he has changed over the last year… But for now, here is a clip of him practicing his bow – check out the muscle engagement throughout his whole body! I’m so proud of him as 6 months ago, he didn’t even know how do ‘down’!!

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