What To Expect From a Treatment

bpp_equinework_190412-579Before any treatments are undertaken, Beatrice will gather a full history in order to build a picture of your animal’s background and daily activities.  Your animal will also be observed, whilst both stationary and on the move to identify any conformational or gait factors that may influence the treatment route.

Based on veterinary history and advice and the details gathered during the session Beatrice will advise on which modalities are most appropriate for your animal.  This may be McTimoney, massage or laser and in some cases will be a multimodal approach.



Treatment plans are developed for individual animals, however most animals require an initial treatment followed by at least one follow-up session.  From this point it will be possible to recommend further treatment requirements for your animal.  Beatrice will also be able to give advice regarding exercises and activities owners can do with their animals at home to aid treatment and healing.

All musculoskeltal practitioners work closely with your registered veterinary surgeon.  If at any point your animal develops new conditions or symptoms or these therapies are not suitable for your animal you will be referred you back to your vet in accordance with the Veterinary Act.